Otoplasty comes to correct protruding ears.

The procedure is performed under general or local anesthesia.

Otoplasty does not leave any signs.

When to consider otoplasty

  • If your ears are of a disproportionate size.
  • If there is difference between your ears.
  • If your ears are fully developed, which usually occurs around the age of six (that is why children are among the most common otoplasty surgery patients).

How otoplasty is performed

In children, the cartilage is soft enough and can be used during surgery to create contouring.

This is usually done under general anesthesia. Adults, however, have harder cartilage, and the process must be carried out by removing or repositioning the cartilage after a small incision in the ear.

Depending on your anatomy and the desired changes, I can perform an incision which is hidden inside or behind the ear. The cartilage and soft tissue which cause ears to protrude will be removed. The missing folds can be recreated by remodeling the cartilage, usually with permanent stitches. Sometimes a combination of surgical techniques is needed to obtain the desired result.

Otoplasty may last from 45 up to 90 minutes depending on the complexity of the case. It is, generally, characterized as painless surgery because of the general anesthesia or local anesthesia at the base of the earlobe, where the major auricular nerve lies.

During the postoperative period, patients usually mention moderate pain, but this can be easily treated with common painkillers.

The stitches are removed about 7 days later. The patient can return to his/her daily activities right from the first postoperative day and, as the days go by, the feel and the image of the ears is restored 100%.

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