Mesotherapy for cellulite treatment

Mesotherapy for cellulite treatment


Mesotherapy hydrates, firms, revitalizes and regenerates the skin, giving it a younger look.

It is a therapy that is performed with the infusion of a multivitamin firming and regenerating solution in the mesoderm.

Mesotherapy is performed on the neck, forehead, nasoparietal folds, as well as at the sites were cellulitis exists. In younger ages it is perform for the prevention of wrinkles and in older ages for their treatment.


Improve the look and feel of your skin quickly and effectively! Get rid of persistent cellulite and orange-peel skin with the technique of mesotherapy.

The molecules of the material act as an agent that retains water molecules, which give the skin a fresh and toned look as well as a youthful texture and appearance.

The elimination of cellulite is my main aim and the technique of mesotherapy, with its unique quality materials, which I completely trust for their superior results, has an immediate impact and evident results right from the first application.

Using a very thin needle, We inject the solution in the dermis, a thin layer of muscles right under the epidermis, without causing any pain or discomfort. Following in-depth research and choosing a special mesotherapy substance for its action and its lipolytic performance, the optimum result is achieved after just three applications – perfect texture and look!

The period between completion of one mesotherapy session and the next session is 15 days, after which a beautiful, smooth and firm skin is achieved!

The result is maintained with a mesotherapy session every 30 days. The look of the skin and the complexion is improved, while the injectable material I have chosen increases its lipolytic action, thus reducing percentages of fat in the application site.

Ideal candidates for mesotherapy for cellulite are women between the ages of 18 and 75 years old without serious health problems.

Say goodbye to persistent cellulite with the pioneering technique of mesotherapy for the whole body.

Mesotherapy for cellulite treatment in Piraeus, Athens & Chania with Guaranteed Results at Affordable Costs! New Top Body Mesotherapy techniques!
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