Breast Enlargement

Breast Enlargement

Breast Enlargement

About Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement is one of the most popular operations of plastic surgery, giving solutions with a natural and harmonic for the body result.

The silicon implants today can rarely cause reactions from the body. With small incisions and fast recovery it gives a rich bust and boosts the self-confidence of every woman.

The variety of structures, shapes and sizes, offer the possibility of customized selection, depending on the needs of every woman.

Breast Enlargement: Which women are suitable

Breast enlargement is a surgery which we can perform to increase the size of the breast in order to achieve exactly the desirable size and to correct any assymetries that may exist.
Every woman and independent of age that feels that her breasts are smaller than what she would like, is appropriate for the cosmetic procedure of plastic surgery breast enlargement.
Also, breast enlargement is appropriate for women, who after pregnancy, and discontinuation of lactation, have a sudden reduction in the sizes of their breasts, that is caused by the regression of the mammary gland.
The decision for cosmetic breast enlargement must be made with seriousness, and the plastic surgeon is obliged to inform you correctly before he proceeds with the surgery, so you are completely informed about the new and different techniques, the implants that will be used, as well as possible changes that the breast will exhibit afterwards.

Will my breast look natural after breast enlargement?

The natural look of the result depends on many factors.
The main factor is the ability of the physician to achieve a natural result.
Another factor is the technique that will be employed, with respect to the anatomy of the area. For example, a very skinny person, in whom an implant will be placed very superficially, will have a very unnatural result.
Of course, the technique that will be used, will be discussed with your physician. Another factor is the type of implant. There is no implant that fits all people. Depending on the build of the chest, the appropriate implant shape must be selected. Also in this decision of yours you will be facilitated by the consultation of your surgeon.
Finally, the size of the implant will also play an important role. The anatomy of your chest allows up to a certain implant size without lacking a natural result. From there upwards, of course the breast will start looking unnatural.
This limit will be pointed out by your physician based on his experience, and some objective measurements that he will take. So the answer to the question is yes!

How will I select the appropriate size of my breast?

It is good to have in mind the image of the breast you like and try to show it to your physician in some way. The physician will take some measurements of your breast and chest in general, and based on these he will point out to you what is the appropriate size for you.

At the same time however, you should try and show him what you like, and have a look with him at some pictures from his other work, that will help you and him to understand what is the desirable size and shape of the breast.
Finally, with some sizers, that is some test implants that look like breasts, he will try to give you a picture of the result that you look forward to.

At what age can I perform breast enlargement?

We usually put as a limit the age of eighteen. In reality however, body growth must have been stable for at least two years.
Based on this rule one could have breast enlargement even at an age younger than eighteen years old. In this case however, the parents must give their consent.

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Breast Enlargement After 3 Days
Breast Enlargement After 3 Days Breast Enlargement
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