Breast lift

Breast lift

Breast lift

About breast lift

After sudden weight fluctuations, after births but also with the passage of time breast looses its elasticity resulting in its looseness and prolapsation.

On a small ptotic breast, volume restoration can be performed with silicon implants and a simultaneous lift. While at a large ptotic breast restoration can be performed without the use of implants.

Breast lift or mastopexy is a surgery, which restores the breast and the nipple to their original positions resulting in a firmer and younger breast.

Breast lift: Which women are suitable

Looseness and prolapsation of the breast is a natural progress, which worsens over time. In some women looseness appears earlier, either due to anatomical breast structure, or due to large fluctuation of the size, as occurs during pregnancy and nursing. In many cases the breasts show assymetry, which is due to the different degree of looseness and prolapsation.

Breast lift aims in restoring the breast to its original position, correcting possible assymetries and filling the upper part of the breast, giving you a fuller bust. Breast shape restoration is done in order to correct the width, height and appearance of the breast, as well as the position of the nipple.

Frequently, breast lift is associated with breast plastic surgery and breast augmentation with silicon implants, which is wrong, breast lift is done using the breast itself and does not result in enlargement, in case the breast shows great atrophy and enlargement must be performed, this can be done either with silicon implants, or with fat and simultaneously applying a lift, in oder to perfect even more the result.

Breast lift techniques

Depending on the degree of looseness the technique that will offer us the best possible result with minimum scaring is selected. Breast prolapsation is defined depending on the height of the nipple in relation to the submammary fold.

In cases of small to moderate looseness, the technique of periareolar lift is selected, that is with an incision around the nipple. In this case the whole breast is mobilized and with special sutures its appearance is moved upwards. Subsequently, a special Goretex suture is used, which will give the support we need so the result is long-term.

In cases of moderate looseness, breast lift can be performed with the keyhole technique or the Lejour technique. In the first case, the incision extends around the nipple and descends downwards in a form of an inverted T, while in the second the vertical incision downwards is straight. During breast lift we fix the mammary gland to the thoracic wall, so the lift does not depend only on skin tightening. This handling gives us a result which could last for years under the condition that its weight remains approximately the same.

In cases that breast enlargement is performed and we need some degree of breast lift, we can choose between the periareolar and the keyhole technique, depending on the result we want to achieve. The implants are placed from the breast lift incisions and do not require additional incisions. Also in some cases we prefer to perform enlargement with fat along with the breast lift, in order to point out even more the youth of the breast and enlarge the breast, as needed.

Finally, in cases of great breast prolapsation, which is due to the increased weight of the breast we prefer a similar technique with breast reduction, without however removing a large part of the breast. In this case the incision also has the shape of an inverted T.

After the breast lift surgery

The periareolar breast lift, which is applied for small degree looseness, can be performed with local anesthesia and without overnight stay at the clinic. In other cases of breast lift general anesthesia is required and depending on the case a 24-hour stay may be needed. After surgery there is elastic dressing, which is replaced the next day with a sports bra. No suture removal is necessary.

It usually requires 5-10 days sick leave from work and avoidance of physical exercise for 4 weeks. The scars disappear almost completely after 4-6 months.

The results of breast lift

The final shape of the breast after the lift usually formulates in the first 6 months. Because most of the times some degree of looseness inevitably occurs in the course, we always prefer to perform a hyper-correction, so after the 6 months that the breast loosens again, the result will be very satisfying and natural. In the case that enlargement is not simultaneously performed, bra size remains the same, however there is no need for support, because the breast remains upright, even with no bra at all.

At what ages breast lift is applied

Breast lift can be applied from the age of 18, but it is usually applied at older ages.

Breast lift, how long does the process last in total

Breast lift lasts approximately 2 hours. In 3-4 days the patient can return to work, in case she works in an office (due to the fact that intense distress should be avoided).

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Breast lift & silicone implant placement results after 3 months
Breast lift & silicone implant placement results after 3 months Breast lift
Breast lift results after 3 months
Breast lift results after 3 months Breast lift
Ανόρθωση στήθους αποτελέσματα μετά απο 3 μήνες
Ανόρθωση στήθους αποτελέσματα μετά απο 3 μήνες Breast lift
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