Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

Hypertrophy of the breasts burdens a large number of women, with regards to aesthetic and health reasons.

The chest does not unfold correctly, the neck, shoulders and back hurt, chronic headaches are incurred, dysmorphias, kyphosis of the shoulders and skin irritations.

For breast hypertrophy, heredity, various endocrinological disorders, hormonal disorder, pregnancy and obesity. have been accused as the causative agents.

The reduction of the volume, in combination with lifting and improvement of the shape of the breasts, gives the woman a good answer to her problem and provides her with greater freedom of movements and well-being.

About Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is a frequent and safe procedure in order to reduce the size of the breasts and to restore their shape as well as the position of the nipple.

  • Severity: moderate
  • Sedation: general
  • Duration of stay: 1 night
  • Suture removal: no
  • Recovery: 4-6 weeks

For whom breast reduction procedure is suitable

Very large breasts besides the aesthetic side, also have effects due to their weight on everyday movements of the woman that bears them. So they can cause dyspnea at night during sleep or neck aches, even spondylolisthesis of the cervical vertebrae due to the weight. On the practical side, cleaning is not always easy, furrows are formed and pain in the shoulders at the strap of the bra due to the weight, mycoses are very easily developed due to constant perspiration, they cannot run, dance, dress in comfort, etc.

A lot of women with gigantic breasts do not have the ability to nurse because the part that is hyperplastic is not the mammary gland but the interstitial connective tissue which strangulates the intermediate glandular islets. Also, the clinical examination by the breast physician is particularly hard down to impossible.
For these reasons breast reduction is sometimes compulsory, because it significantly improves the quality of life of the women that suffer. In other cases, the procedure is performed for aesthetic reasons, so the breasts fit better with the build of the body. In any case, either it concerns functional, or personal reasons, our aim is to offer a beautiful aesthetic result which will last for many years, without destroying the function of the breasts.

Breast reduction techniques

There are many different techniques which we can use to reduce the breasts, although most of them leave the same scars externally: one round around the nipple, one vertical from the nipple towards the submammary fold and one within the submammary fold, the length of which depends on the width of the breasts prior to the procedure. Alternatively, we can in some cases have a circular scar around the nipple and one vertical or slant line and finally, maybe only one incision around the nipple, depending on the hyperplasia we are treating.

During the procedure a part of the total mammary mass is removed, mainly externally and below, that is where statistically we have the largest possibility of the appearance of a malignant dysplasia. In this way we significantly decrease the possibility of carcinogenesis in the future. The nipple and breast are mobilized in such a way so we can secure hematosis and nervation at the whole extent and simultaneously we can give the breast the natural shape of a drop. During the procedure the symmetry of the breasts is secured with special measurements.

Many times large breasts have rather a fatty extension towards the armpit, which is described as the axillary tail of the breast. This is usually treated with liposuction during the procedure or with direct excision very rarely.

After the breast reduction procedure

This procedure is usually performed with a general sedation and hospitalization is 24 hours. The next morning a change occurs and a gauze is placed and a bra. The woman initially sees her breast which is unnaturally raised. This is an intentional handling which is performed with a calculated hyper-correction, so after 3-4 months when the breast will show some ptosis it will obtain the desirable shape, that is the shape of a drop.

Pain after the procedure is very mild and subsides with common analgesics. The first weeks after the procedure there may be a numbness at the area of the nipple, which subsides after 1-2 weeks.

Leave from work is usually 1-2 weeks. Sports activities are possible after week 4, and swimming after week 6.

Results of breast reduction

The final result comes after 4-6 months approximately, after the breasts settles in its new position. The breast weight is noticeably smaller and this is imprinted on everyday activities. Physical exercise is easier, finding a bra is easier and significant improvement is observed in body posture and the pain at the neck and the spinal column.

After approximately one year all scars almost disappear. The result, in case there aren’t any big weight changes, remains for years and the breast will show fairly less signs of prolapsation and looseness, because it has a smaller weight.

As far as nursing is concerned, the technique that we employ is such that it completely allows lactation. We can verify this by the numerous cases in the last 30 years. The same applies for the sensitivity of the nipple, which remains unaltered.

Are the scars of breast reduction apparent, and how long does it take until they are healed?

Usually these scars as time passes by are distinguished less and less until after 10-12 months they become scars that do not cause any discomfort from an aesthetic or practical side. The exemption, as in all surgical procedures, are individuals who after a trauma do not form normal scars but develop hypertrophic scars or keloids. These individuals are approximately 1-2% of the general population and more or less are aware of their problem from previous traumas.

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