Skin looseness and fat accumulation at the area of the arm cause the known hanging cord.

Weight loss but also age are the causes of loosening of the inner surface of the arms.

Treatment is done today with the removal of the excess skin, in combination with liposuction of the area.

When to consider Brachioplasty

  • If your weight is normal, but your arms are loose.
  • If you have lost weight and the sagging of the arms is irreversible.
  • If you are fully aware of the possible size of the incision and you are willing to go on with it.

The advantages of surgery include regaining the feel and appearance of a toned and youthful arm, thus ridding the patient of the unsightly “drooping arms”. Of course, trust in yourself as well as your self-confidence increases as you no longer feel embarrassed in sleeveless or lightweight clothes.

Drawbacks include, as mentioned above, an incision that in some cases extends from the armpit to the elbow.

In other cases, where appropriate, the incision lies exclusively in the armpit in a «crescent» shape.

In any case, I will give you detailed information during your clinical examination at my surgery.

How to know if I need brachioplasty

  • If after massive weight loss and intense exercise you find that your arms are still particularly loose.
  • If, even with exercise, there is excess skin and it seems unlikely to improve.
  • If there is relaxation of the arms due to age.
  • If you are not overweight and your weight is relatively stable.
  • If you are a healthy person with a medical history that eliminates the risks of surgery.
How brachioplasty is performed

During the physical examination I will design your elbows, arms and armpits.

The position, length and direction of the relevant incision lines will show us the right type of brachioplasty for you.

The choices are dictated by the quality of your skin and the extent of excess fat under the armpits and the skin.

You will receive either general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation, based on my recommendation.

Then, I will perform the necessary incisions to remove excess skin and fat.

The incisions can be entirely hidden in the axillary crease or extend on the underside of your arms in the most inconspicuous areas possible.

Liposuction may additionally be used to remove excess fat.

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